We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Here are a few of the steps we take to do our bit…

  • We re-use timber, stone, glass and other building materials when maintaining and refurbishing the buildings and grounds
  • We use a power company  that generates 70.9% of it’s electricity using renewable’s
  • Toilets are equipped with dual flow flush pumps (these may reduce water consumption up to half).
  • Bulk dispensers for soap and other consumables. This helps reduce wastage of both packaging and un-used products.
  • Environmentally friendly towel and sheet re-use programme. This helps to reduce washing and power needs.
  • Our recent refurbishment has increased insulation throughout roof areas to the highest possible standard.
  • We aim to economise on energy consumption as much as possible and have installed a system that allows restricted heating for unoccupied rooms, thus reducing any wastage.
  • Where possible, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used.
  • The appliances fitted in Casa Calleja are all energy efficient.
  • Where possible we use energy-saving lightbulbs, low voltage or solar.
  • We try and source the food we use from either our own garden or from local growers and suppliers. Where appropriate,  kitchen waste is composted.
  • We use a chlorine-free system in the lounging pool – kinder to skin and the environment and allowing us to re-use the water to irrigate the garden.
  • We are always looking for new ways to make ourselves more environmentally-friendly whilst making sure our guests have a comfortable and high-quality experience with us.
  • The vast majority of our food is locally sourced, seasonal and usually organic. We vary our menu to adapt to what is in season. We store our own produce from the garden using both traditional and modern methods.
  • We recycle, re-use and reduce.