Born locally a few miles away in Javea and trained academically in Barcelona.

He was a driven and inspired creative – artist, sculptor and poet who chose to build his unique home here beside the mouth of the impressive Cueva de las Calaveras which by many accounts featured heavily in his works. 

A lot of his pieces can still be seen here- “Monolith Man” in the car park, “The Dark Angel” still watches over the house from a rocky ledge above the long terrace and of course the house itself which retains many of his original design features including some wonderful rejas (window screens). 

By many accounts he was a most gregarious individual, even called by some a hedonist.  One friend of his told us “not to worry about his ghost – he was so busy in life, cramming so much in that he will be sleeping in Heaven for the next 200 years!”

Casa Calleja is a legacy and testament to the unique insight and vision of this internationally exhibited artist.